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M. Curtis McCoy
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These are interview questions from a radio interview on KKVV AM-1060 with Mr. F Ed Knutson.

So what is the “M” for in M. Curtis McCoy?

My first name is Matthew but I’ve always gone by my middle name, Curtis. You go by your middle name too, right?

You weren’t born a Christian, so how did you come to Jesus?

I made the decision to be baptized at a Christian church camp in Cedaredge, CO when I was 13 years old. I’ve always known God was watching out for me. Even while battling cancer, seizures, medical issues, businesses failing, etc. I felt like God has my best interest in mind. I know He can see all of the eternity & I’m only able to see a sliver of time.

Was your family supportive of your life in Christ?

That’s a good question, Ed! My family is supportive. If you’ve got friends or family who doesn’t support what you believe in, that can be very difficult. As my relationship with Christ grows, I seem to be a bit more protective of who I let into my circle of influence.

Did you ever have a PRODIGAL time in your life?

Any of us who have been a Christian for long have probably gone through a point in their life when we followed a path that we wish we hadn’t.

There was a time when I was younger when I was very angry. I didn’t deal with confrontation well, and I made it a point to “teach people a lesson” when they were taking advantage of someone else. I worked as a bouncer in a couple of night clubs during college and often encountered situations when I reacted to confrontation in a way I regret now. I wasn’t being a good example and I was not helping anyone by putting myself in that situation. Hanging around people who are doing things you don’t believe in results in some of that lifestyle rubbing off on you.

If I could go back and do it over again, I would stay out of those situations and I’d stay away from people who choose to live that type of lifestyle.

I love that God is always there, waiting for us to come running back into His arms.

What obstacles in life have made you the man you are?

I’ve had a few major challenges including having Type-1 diabetes, grand mal seizures, a malignant glioblastoma (brain tumor), a hit-and-run motorcycle accident, and most recently, a mountain biking accident that caused me to spend 24-days in the hospital. A couple of incredible surgeons performed four surgeries and saved my right leg!

Being forced to deal with medical issues like brain cancer and diabetes made it easy for me to sympathize with others who are dealing with their own hardships. We all have struggles in life but it’s our choice to either be thankful for the opportunities or become bitter and have the “why me” attitude. I made the decision early on to try and look for the best in every situation.

Talk about your time recovering from your health issues.

I spent a good amount of time in a wheelchair, then on crutches. This week is the first time I’ve been able to start putting weight on the leg again with the assistance of a cane. I hope to be able to run and mountain bike again soon!

At 2 years old, I started taking insulin shots, and I’ve always tried to watch what I eat very closely, so that’s helped keep me healthy.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and given only 60 days to live. My mom & step-dad, Steve took me to Tijuana, MX (against my American doctors’ advice). Rather than suffering through chemo, radiation & brain surgery before dying in 60 days, I recovered & am still alive, ten years later! I’ve got some scar tissue from the brain tumor that causes serious memory issues but that hasn’t stopped me from creating successful companies, speaking, & publishing books on personal development, business, and people skills. Life is what we choose to make it!

We had a lot of friends, family & customers praying for my recovery and I’m sure God heard their prayers!

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” — Matthew 18:19

You had support, and how important was that?

I am absolutely sure I wouldn’t have survived the brain cancer without the support of my mom & step-dad. They were with me when the American doctors gave me a 0% chance of survival using traditional cancer treatment. My family convinced me to travel to Tijuana, MX for unapproved treatment.

When I lost the ability to drive or live alone due to frequent seizures, they moved me to live with them in their 100-year-old, 1-bedroom log cabin in Crawford, CO.

As I recovered from brain cancer & regained the ability to drive and live alone, my mom urged me to pursue my dream and open my first phone store. As that little store grew, she worked beside me as we created the company that is now Best Cellular. Best Cellular now provides cellular service to customers in all 50 states!

She still manages one of my retail stores and also serves as the CMO for our entire Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

You mentioned in one of your videos about how you’d allowed yourself to be disrespected at work. Tell us about how you overcame that.

I grew up in a really rough situation so being disrespected seemed natural. It took a lot of work on personal development, and a lot of reading to help me understand that I was valuable as a person and that I was loved by our God. I know now that He is the only thing you can really trust in this life.

God didn’t create us to be walked on or taken advantage of. We were created in His image, right?

Now how do you as a CEO teach your employees to watch out for being disrespected?

This is absolutely my favorite part of owning retail store locations and working with customer service reps who take calls from all over the United States. On a weekly basis, I’m able to connect with our employees at Best Cellular who often start off young, and inexperienced.

I love seeing them grow and blossom in a safe work environment. Best Cellular employees know we’ve got their back. If someone is yelling at them or using profanity, they’ve got every right to tell that customer they’re not welcome in our retail stores.

We get to see our staff grow into strong, confident, kind people who love helping others but they also know it’s not okay to be walked on or treated like a doormat.

Is it okay to invite our listeners to connect with me on Facebook or YouTube? I frequently create inspirational videos that cover these topics & I just launched a podcast that’s available on Apple, Google, and dozens of podcast services worldwide!

What was the initial seed thought that led to Best Cellular?

We started the company that became as a way to offer service on multiple carriers with no contracts and no hidden fees. We let customers activate their own phones online or in our retail locations and we don’t ever hard sell them on a new device.

The company was created to help customers get the best cellular service at fair prices, with no tricks.

We don’t outsource customer service, and you don’t need to press “1” to speak with a live person. Our customer service is handled in-house, and not by a third party answering service so every customer who calls gets the help they need the first time!

We actually own the trademark on the term, “Best Cellular” now! Pretty cool, huh?

How in the world did you do it while recovering, but knowing you might die?

When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I was having 7–10 grand mal seizures each week. I had lost the ability to drive or live alone. I lost the cosmetic medical LASER franchise I owned. I’d lost my pharmaceutical company. I lost my Christian clothing company, and I learned that a lot of my closest “friends” were just there because of the money and success.

Being diagnosed with brain cancer was a huge blessing because it allowed me to learn who my real friends were, and it taught me to love everyone but keep my inner circle small.

I really was not scared of death. I know Jesus died for the remission of my sins and I know I’m going to heaven when I die. My only worry at that time was leaving my family behind and how that would impact them. I didn’t want anyone to hurt when I died.

When I was given the news that I would die soon, I had a good talk with God one night. I told Him I am ready to die but I don’t want it to take a long time and I don’t want my family to suffer.

Tell me what MVNO means as it relates to Best Cellular?

MVNO is the acronym for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. What that means for Best Cellular customers is this: We have agreements with the major phone carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile. When a customer activates their phone with Best Cellular service, they’re able to use the towers of the major networks but they deal with local American customer service & there aren’t contracts or hidden fees like there are with many of the larger companies.

Can someone in Las Vegas become an affiliate for Best Cellular?

That’s a great question, Ed! We have affiliates all over the country who sell Best Cellular service on their websites. could become an affiliate of Best Cellular. You simply fill out the affiliate application at & add links to your website once the application is approved!

If one of your listeners wants to become an affiliate, we’re happy to help them get started! They’ll earn a commission for every referred sale when someone clicks our link on their site.

Tell me about your motivational speaking and how that came to be.

I’m just getting started with the motivational speaking after I published my first few personal development books. I had no desire to speak but I’m getting a lot of opportunities now so I joined Toastmasters and am getting a lot of practice with interviews like this one.

Man, thanks again for inviting me on your show today Ed!

Do you accept speaking engagements?

Absolutely! I’m speaking at Caesar’s Palace this week! Should be a great time!

We just launched a podcast earlier this week that’s available on Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn, Spotify, and other podcast syndication services as well!

What is your most important suggestion for those wanting to be more?

My first piece of advice would be to pray about the direction you want to go in life and take time to listen to God. Is that the direction He wants for you?

The most important thing anyone can do to improve in almost every part of their life is to start reading or listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or instructional videos EVERY DAY.

Surround yourself with positive influence and intentionally seek out wisdom and knowledge as King Solomon did in the Bible.

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