Best News Radio KKVV AM-1060, Interview w/ F. Ed Knutson

So what is the “M” for in M. Curtis McCoy?

You weren’t born a Christian, so how did you come to Jesus?

Was your family supportive of your life in Christ?

Did you ever have a PRODIGAL time in your life?

What obstacles in life have made you the man you are?

Talk about your time recovering from your health issues.

You had support, and how important was that?

You mentioned in one of your videos about how you’d allowed yourself to be disrespected at work. Tell us about how you overcame that.

Now how do you as a CEO teach your employees to watch out for being disrespected?

What was the initial seed thought that led to Best Cellular?

How in the world did you do it while recovering, but knowing you might die?

Tell me what MVNO means as it relates to Best Cellular?

Can someone in Las Vegas become an affiliate for Best Cellular?

Tell me about your motivational speaking and how that came to be.

Do you accept speaking engagements?

What is your most important suggestion for those wanting to be more?



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M. Curtis McCoy

M. Curtis McCoy


American Author, Media Personality & Podcast Host. Find me on your favorite social network or Amazon Fire TV!